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Monday, April 2, 2012

Totally wack for shellac!

Manicure lovers unite!
As many of you are probably aware, shellac is a new(ish) nail polish taking the industry by storm. Nail polish guaranteed to last upto 2 weeks without chipping? Nail polish that doesn't harm like acrylics and gels? Nail polish that helps you grow your nails? Hells yes!
I have recently joined the bandwagon and started doing my own shellac from home. It gives me something to do that I enjoy, meet new girls in town, plus I earn some money from it. I can't stress enough how fantastic shellac is - even better when you work in an industry like me - I am constantly washing my hands and using alcohol rub. Thus I have no chance in having a delicious coat of polish on my nails to keep them strong. So here are a few pics to show you how great it is....

This one was done by yours truly..I'm pretty happy with this result!

Photo courtesy of

Ladies, if you haven't tried shellac yet, I urge you to get to your nearest nail salon and indulge in a manicure! Prices will probably range from $25-$50. It's amazing, I promise!

Love, Annie xo

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