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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Animalistic love

One of the many things I do out here to keep me occupied, is online browsing. I will admit, when I first came out here there was a lot more shopping (I think it helped fill a void) but now that I am settled (and have a trip planned to Sydney and Europe), I have enough will power just to look. And sigh...Pretty sure the credit card is going to get a work out very soon...
Here are some of the things I am digging at present. I'm also proud to admit I have been a avid animal print lover since I was a little one - I remember my mum bought me some leopard print little heels when I was in grade 3 from 'Spendless' - they were oh so ugly, but I loved them so and was desperate to have them. All my sisters laughed...but I like to think I was getting ready for the trend that was to come in 12 years time..haha.
Frankie Legging from Sportsgirl - funky!

Disco Mini from Sportsgirl - love it!

Floaty Sweat from Sportsgirl. I love the Cherry red.

Metallic Pencil Skirt - Sportsgirl (I have one very similar from last year)

I love this look, especially with the sequin skirt, I found this on
Blair Loafers - I love moccasins, but I don't know what my chances are at finding any in these will work perfectly instead!
I love the idea of teaming the skirts up for winter with black stockings, ankle or knee high boots, the floaty sweat (in black) and a killer chunky scarf with big gold earrings.
We all know you wouldn't mix animal prints up...just choose one animal print item and dress with block colours. And remember, don't wear tights as pants! Wear a long cardie or long top to cover up.
I may live in the country, but I'm still determined to look good!
You can take the girl out of the city, but you can never take the city out of the girl.... haha

Annie xoxo

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