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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My makeup must-haves

I often get asked about my makeup. I have been told it always looks nice and stays on so well. And I have also spread the word and had a few friends switch to my foundation.Nil complaints from anyone! I have found in the past that I've had to switch my foundations/powders after a year or so of usage, as it has just stopped looking and feeling right. However, my current makeup has had no such drama. I've been using it for nearly 2 years and it never disappoints me! Ever!
So here it is what I use on a daily basis....

Honestly, these 2 products rock! Both are mineral. The foundation goes on silky smooth and the powder just sets perfectly, allowing it to last all day-night. It is so worth the money.

Next up is makeup for the eyes. I swear by MAC roll-up eyeliner in Khol. It's black black, and my gosh it lasts all day!

It's also fantastic for smudging, and so soft on the eyes. Beautiful.

AHHHH, my fave! This is MAC mineral skin finish. You can use it as a highlighter for cheeks etc, but I use it as a base for my eyeshadow, and it is just stunning. It highlights your eyes, and the actual shadow lasts for so long! Over a year! You won't regret ladies.
The real winner is this palette that I got from America. I don't think we can get it in Australia (which is heartbreaking) The brand is Urban Decay and the quality of the shadows is worth the money. These colours are everyday use and have a delightful shimmer through them. Yum yum. If Urban Decay was sold in Australia, I would buy shares in the company. My biggest regret is not stocking up in America when I had the chance....
This blush is Orgasm by NARS. Gorey! It literally leaves you looking like you have really had an.....erm..cough know what I mean!

And finally.....I adore MAC lippie. I am particularly fond of the Lady Gaga pink lippie. I mix it up with a bright lip gloss. There is no other lippie I use - MAC have incredible colours and they smell nice too!
Plus, good news, if you bring in 5 used MAC items, they will give you a free lippie for being so good and recycling! Yes please!

You can find all these products at,, lauramercier website and urban decay website.
I literally use all these products daily. I can't live without them!

Annie xoxox


  1. I have the MAC mineral skin finish and the NARS orgasm blush too! Love them both!! xx

  2. Aren't they incredible?! You definately get your moneys worth from them!