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Monday, May 28, 2012

What's in your dream jar?

Have you guys got a little 'mental dream jar'?

I find myself constantly adding to it events, aspirations, ideas or objects.. Generally, I write them on my blog or diary, but another idea would be writing them down on a little piece of paper and popping them into a real dream jar! Or you could put them on a cork board like this...

Would it be easier to achieve and create if we can see it in front of us?
This is what's dancing through my mind right now...

My trip to Paris in September..indulging in delicious pastries ....

and roaming the streets and admiring the views...

My best friends Easter! The excitement, the tears of joy..
Becoming a professional's always been a dream of mine..and when I finish my time in the country, I am going to make it come true!
DIY baskets - as simple as spray painting an old basket to bring it back to life!
I want this turquoise light - so pretty!

What is in your 'dream jar'?

Love, Annie xoxox

Photos sources from Google and 'This is Glamorous' blog. Click here to spend hours relaxing and dreaming from this beautiful site.

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