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Monday, July 16, 2012

When you're feeling's what you do!

I've been a very busy woman.
Or lazy.
Anyway, call it what you want - but bottom line is I have been very neglectful to my little blog. So hopefully my one follower hasn't been holding her breath or she would be dead by now (love you Mare Mare @dear_to_me).

Come to think of it, I have been quite busy - lots of work courses to attend, lots of study (which I am procrastinating at present), organising my European holiday and working. Sounds fun hey? Maybe the holiday bit, but the rest is just depressing. So what does a girl do when she is depressed? Some max their credit cards, some smoke and drink, some are mean to people..but me? I try to be positive and do things that make me feel better, not worse! I go through in my mind what is making me unhappy or annoyed and attempt to annihilate it!
So this is my list of things that are annoying me, and my interventions to change them!

1. My hair is always dry from the damn blonde I've been putting in it - so I'm going back brunette! It's a win for everyone - Franco won't have to deal with my whinging and then the buying of every 'miracle' treatment to fix the unfixable, I get to spend less time at the hairdressers (something I don't actually enjoy), I'll save money and my hair will look alot healthier and shinier. Here is what I imagine my hair to look like once its dyed (note the lighter ends - I currently have lighter ends now so dying over my hair will hopefully result in this look)

2. Sick of work - this is an ongoing problem of mine which rears its ugly head quite often. I'm sure there is a majority who would agree, yes? So, often it's not the job you're doing (or often it is) but if you can't change that - then you need to have a plan. For me, I am a nurse - so often I am annoyed just with being a nurse - but I constantly look at the bigger picture. This is what goes on in my mind : I hate my job - actually no, I don't hate it, I'm just having a bad day. In fact, I am lucky to have this job. I am lucky I was able to go to university, get a degree, find a good job and still be working in it. There a thousands of people who would kill to be in my position. This job gives me money, which I am able to save, which will enable me to set myself up for the future. So, no Annie, you don't hate your job, you're just having a moment. I go through this in my mind all the time. But I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel - I have a lovely holiday planned in September, and when I see my bank account rise, I know that I'm doing this for good - so me and Franco can leave here and be a little bit set up in life.
I really think it helps having a holiday on the horizon too!

The food I will be eating in Paris
3. Loneliness - When I get homesick and feel a bit alone - it doesn't take me long to remind myself that I have the best boyfriend in the world, who tries so very hard to bring me happiness and to look after me. And honestly, I just need a reassuring smile from him and I feel much better. I also throw myself into little projects, just to feel like I am accomplishing something. Or I paint my nails. I try not to wallow in the horrible feeling of loneliness for too long. I keep reminding myself of who and what is around me right now, and how wonderful they are. Then I call my mum. She always soothes and reassures me like no one can. I guess my advice to anyone who feels alone - I think it's best to remember that you are not,  and to do even one thing that brings a little smile on your face. At first I thought it was about survival out here, but not anymore. It's about living in the moment and trying to make the most of it.

Can I just add one little thing? I think it's good to acknowledge you feel lonely - and you know what? maybe it's even kind of fun for a short time to drown your sorrows and cry and feel like your life sucks.  My thing I do is I crank Bee Gees - 'Alone', pour a glass of wine and think about how sad I am for the length of the song. Then I move on. I think if you end up finishing that bottle of wine by yourself and the Bee Gees are still playing (and not their fun disco era), then you need to STOP and call a girlfriend stat! Go for a run, get some sunshine and take advantage of the great people around you!

I do really love the Bee Gees - good for happy or sad!
So, the first one may seem a bit superficial - but it does really annoy me! So I am changing it!
I wish everyone so much love and happiness in their lives - life is really too short and sweet.

Love, Annie xoxox

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