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Friday, April 20, 2012

Weddings, holidays and working out!

I haven't written on my blog for ages!

I have been feeling a little under the weather...mix that with nightshift...and I'm left feeling very uninspired (and still sick). I've been craving to type away at my laptop, and scour the internet for cute ideas.

So this is what I've been dreaming of over the last week...

From 'This is Glamorous' blog
Weddings! My beautiful best friend has just gotten engaged...and she has asked me to be the Maid of Honour! I am so touched, so excited...I just wish I wasn't 1700 kms away from her...all I want to do is give her a HUGE hug and a kiss! I absolutely adore the dress on the left!

'This is Glamorous' blog
Leopard print! I just love it. For clothes, furniture, jewelery, shoes...whatever, I want it. However, I do draw the line...sometimes it can look cheap..particularly if you match it with the wrong colours. I worship this couch though...Francisco said, if I ever get one, it goes in 'my' room. Haha! I'll get him into it...
P.s. I do not promote real leopard fur use! Faux all the way...

Working out! I feel a bit yucky if I don't exercise. It's way to hot to work out in the heat here, plus there is no gym, so I use my Tracy Anderson DVDs. She's fantastic. I love her floor work and she has a great treadmill workout too. I don't think I've ever been so sore from anything I've done at home...Get into it everyone!

New York! I took this photo from the Long Island ferry. I had such a fantastic time on holidays, especially with two of my sisters. So many wonderful memories were made in America. I am missing the shopping, the (sometimes disgusting) food, and all the wonderful sites. But most of all, that was my last holiday, and the most time I have spent in consecutive days with some of my family. Luckily, we have a trip planned to Europe very soon! So obviously, I am dreaming of that too!

Ahhhh, I love to dream and think about what adventure is around the corner.

Annie xo

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