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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hairy thoughts

I've never been particularly good or interested in hair or hair accessories...I used to buy my supermarket hair dye and DIY at home every few months. Now I've branched out a little more and actually get foils at the hairdresser...although I will admit that it's not my favourite way to spend my time.  I generally just quickly blow dry my hair every morning, then put the GHD through, and that's it. Sometimes I might go a little bit crazy and give myself mermaid waves with a 3 tong waver.

This year, I definitely would like to get a little bit more creative with the way to do my hair..I mean, life is just to short, right? I have found some beautiful pics for inspiration...
From 'This is Glamorous' blog. I love the twisted bun, with the pearl pins throughout.

I think it's safe to say JLH has the best hair in healthy and thick!

How I would love to do this with my hair

LC always has classy, clean it.
Annie xo

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