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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A different way to store your jewellery

If you are anything like me, you will have lots of jewellery. My favourite jewellery to collect is earrings - I love dangly, bright, gold, silver, hoops, teardrop as well as classic simple types like pearls and studs. 
My question is though, how do you display yours? I'm ashamed to admit it, but at the moment none of my jewels are on display...they are all in draws in my bathroom. I'm lacking in space here unfortunately, but when I lived in the city, I had them all in different vintage bowls on my white dresser alongside the vintage perfume bottles I collect. It looked so pretty. I've been looking on the internet for some new ideas, and I found some great ways to display those much loved pieces, one which is DIY!
This one is from weheartit blog - an old photoframe transformed into a shabby chic jewellery holder!
I love how they are hanging on the wall, and the different sized frames! - I have ones like this at home!
You could hang your earrings from the old frames, and pop all your bracelets, bangles, rings and necklaces into the vintage bowls. Please check out - there is so much to see!

I can feel a project coming on! Oh yes! 

Annie xo

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