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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reflecting under the stars

I had a very memorable night last night, here in the outback.

I just want you all to remember how beautiful the sky at night is. As there is no pollution, no skyscrapers, no city lights out here, you can peer up at the sky at night and see all the stars twinkling away, not overshadowed by a thing. A group of us lit of fire, cooked a lovely meal and sat around drinking wine and beer, laughing and joking, dancing, then moving on to in-depth conversations the more the alcohol flowed into our cups. What has made me want to write about this, and why I will remember this night is because it has brought up a question for me - are humans designed to live in small country towns?
I wonder this because last night, the group consisted of so many different people. We are all from different parts of the country, have different interests, different desires...some have only been here for 2 weeks, some for years. We don't have a closed off circle of friends anymore, what we have now is each other.
I feel satisfied and happy when I surround myself with all these different people. There's no time to be shy, or have the prolonged getting to know someone period. You just say hello and that's it. You're friends. I've found that there is a lot less judgement out here, and you see the real person straight up. I feel like after 3 months, I truly am gaining a lot from out here. Once one to shy away from meeting new people, now I'm a pro. I feel like a friendlier person and I embrace any new friendships that cross my way. Somewhere along the way, we as humans have become more sheltered or even lazy, maybe as our cities have expanded. Would we all be better off in a smaller town? Would someone who is lost in the crowds, find themselves in a place like this?

Maybe Cloncurry has more opportunities for me then I imagined, professionally and personally?

Annie xo

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