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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kim and Laurens' Engagement Party

This is just a little tribute to the sweetest, best looking couple I know...

I first met Lauren (or Lozi, as we all call her) when we were in grade 8, maybe in the first few days of starting. This was the year 2000. I instantly liked her, and we bonded straight away discussing in detail exactly what we would be wearing to our very first 'social' (ie: all boys private school and all girls private school get to go to a dance one Friday night a month). We were both tingling with excitement (our first social ever!) and there was always that possibility of getting our first kiss at one of these events. For the record, I was never lucky enough to experience my first kiss at a social. Haha, poor me!
Our friendship grew and grew, and 12 years on, we are closer than ever. She has been a very special friend to me, always by my side through the difficult times and the good times.

I'm not sure when exactly I first met Kim, I had met him a few times during high school, and then as we got older and started clubbing (this blog is taking me back!) I would run into him out in the local pubs. Lozi and him had been friends for a long time, so when they finally announced they were an item, none of us were surprised. It was natural and made complete sense! Over the last two years or so, I made sure to get to know Kim. I had a feeling these two lovebirds would one day walk down the aisle, so I wanted to get to know him and become his friend. Lozi honey - he is a perfect catch (which if anyone knows that, it's you!) I've discovered he is funny, kind, generous and an EXCELLENT handyman. Without the help of Kim, my poor mums garage would still be a hoarders paradise.

As I mentioned earlier, Lozi has always been a part of my life - the ups and the downs of it all - so for obvious reasons, there was NO way I would miss her and Kims engagement party. And there was a high possibility I couldn't make it - I currently live 1700 kms away from her and I had no idea if work would let me have the time off. The roster angels must have been listening, and when I saw I had 4 days off in a row on the weekend of her party, I was straight on the Qantas website booking my flight.
But being the sneaky girl that I am, I decided to keep it a secret - so me and our other girlfriends kept our lips sealed and surprised her on the night.

Here are some shots from the party, taken by 'Vanessa Grace Photography'.

And yes, it was a lovely, special (and emotional) night, worth every hour flying and travelling and every penny spent.

Surprising my bestie

I made the poor girl cry 

Catching up with Kayla, Rhy and Lozi

The gorgeous couple - bless

Kayla, Lozi and Claire

The Bridesmaids - Lozi B, me, Claire and Kayla

Kayla, Claire, Lozi, Lozi B, Rhy and Ash

Me getting all emotional - embarro! I was just so happy that I cried...what will I be like at the wedding! Oh dear..

I love this shot!

Everyone say 'Cheese'!
Congratulations, Lozi and Kim.

Lots of love, Annie xoxox

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  1. Beautiful post darling. What gorgeous photos x