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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sweet Scents

We all love to spray our favourite perfumes over our décolletage and wrists...but why leave at this?
Make your home smell delicious too!

I don't like artificial scents - you know the scented air fresheners that spray every 10 minutes...or overpowering incense...but I will tell you what I do love.. Glasshouse Candles. They are absolutely divine! Not only are they so beautifully scented, they are a pretty decoration to add to your home, be it on the table, bookcase or kitchen bench. You have got to try them - and they are an Australian company which is always nice to support.

These are some of the many scents you can choose from: Coconut Lime, Vanilla Caramel, Wild Honeysuckle, Ilima Milk and Honey, Kaffir Lime and Cocoa Butter...and so many more!

And as a bonus, once you have burned the candle right to the end, pour some boiling water in it, scoop out the remaining wax, clean it in soapy water, and voila! You can pop your cotton balls and buds in them and display in the bathroom, use it for your makeup brushes, or possibly even grow herbs!

These aren't Glasshouse jars - but I reckon you could definitely use them!
Check out the website here. My favourite is Vanilla Caramel! Yum!

Annie xoxo

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