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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Operation flowerball completa!

Drum roll please.....

I did it! My first arty crafty project has been completed!
And I loved it so much, I am going to get straight into another.
I have been scouring the internet for inspiration..I've found some wonderful informative sites! I feel slightly guilty - I feel like I've been so naive. Why didn't I get into this earlier? What have been doing with all my spare time?

How to make a 'Flowerball'
You will need:
Fake roses (or peonies - whatever you fancy)
styrofoam ball
hot glue gun

Step 1: Chop the roses at the top of the stem 
Step 2: Place hot glue on the bottom of the rose and stick onto ball (nice and cosy to each other)
Step 3: There is no step 3! It's so easy!

Ta-da! This is the finished product. I think it looks so pretty. You could hang it from your ceiling, or use it as a table decoration like I am. Plus, you could make ones in all different sizes and colours.

I have the awesome Kandee Johnson to thank for this inspiration. Her blogs are fantastic.

Annie xx

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flower Power

So as I mentioned earlier, I plan on compiling a list of hobbies, projects and things I would like to do/achieve this year. I've decided I would begin with good ol' arts and crafts.
Never have I been phenomenal at fact many things I've made over the years have been quite LOL-worthy..but I have been getting some wonderful ideas from the world wide web.
I thought I would post some inspiration...I would really like to make paper flowers! Some of these are absolutely incredible!
What do you guys think????

My first one to attempt will be the flower balls...I think they I could manage that! I've got my glue gun loaded and I'm ready!
I will certainly post it when I'm finished!

Annie xo

Friday, March 23, 2012

Pretty Wild..

My guilty pleasure is unfortunately, crappy reality TV. I have recently discovered a reality Tv show. If anyone is looking for a trainwreck of a show, then please watch Pretty Wild. I'm not going to rat out on the girls in the show - after all, reality tv never is reality, it's more about creating an image and selling it than chronicling the truth. But for some reason, I'm totally drawn to it. Actually, I think it's because I feel sorry for this family, because it really is like a car crash - you can't take your eyes off it even if you want to. Basically, it's about 3 sisters, their mother (an ex-playboy model) and the ups and downs of living in Hollywood. It accounts the girls attempts to forge a successful modelling career, however, the middle sister, is involved in what is known as Hollywoods "Bling Ring". Have a google of it, but basically, a group of teens allegedly (or formally for that matter - some have served jail time) went around stealing hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars worth of jewellery, clothes, handbags etc from the likes of LiLo, Paris, Orlando Bloom etc. The show only made 1 season, and I think its due to the fact that the middle sister was sent to jail for one month (ironically was in the jail cell next to dear LiLo). I found myself watching this show every night this week, and it made me think about how privileged I am. These girls live in Hollywood Hills, go on amazing holidays, have countless amounts of money, but in every episode, they are in tears. It's quite sad really.

Now I don't watch this show to make myself better. Francisco cannot understand how I am drawn to it. I've always said to him that it allows me to not think and just watch. But to be honest, this particular show, has made me reflect on my childhood and my parents and  just how lucky I have been. And how happy I am to not live my life through a camera lens. I do wonder if this family regrets doing this show, I wonder if it has impacted negatively on their lives. Or maybe, they really are what the show portrays?

Anyway, this is just my Friday ramble. xx

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The list.

I have recently made a BIG move....

When I first mentioned to my loved ones I was moving to Cloncurry, it would be safe to say that I received many mixed reactions... 1. "Where?" was the most popular. 2. "Maybe you should visit there first" followed closely in second place.  3. ( My favourite)"You won't be able to wear makeup or dress the way you do" 4. "You'll be so bored"...

Truthfully, I had the same thoughts, plus oodles more.. Will I like my job, will I make friends, how will I survive without shops etc etc. And now that I'm here, I honestly still have the same thoughts. I don't know if I like my job, I havent made many friends, I miss driving my car ( my sweet, loving, bright yellow car), I miss my friends, my family, I miss the beach....I could go on and on.
This was my first big move. I am currently over 1700 kms away from everything and everyone I have ever known.
And I love it.
I'm with the most incredible man I've ever met.
I'm becoming comfortable with who I am.
I'm learning who I am.

For many years I have struggled with my image. I've had many negative and self-loathing thoughts. I don't think I've ever been comfortable and proud of who I am. It wasn't because of who I surrounded myself with. I have incredible, beautiful friends. My mother is devine. My father was sensational. And I have 6 fantastic siblings whom I adore deeply. I lived in the cutest unit in Hawthorne, drove a nice car, wore pretty clothes and had a fantastic job. So why wasn't I happy? And why am I so happy out here without all the things that I based my life on?
Why is it that, finally for once in a very long time, I look at myself in the mirror and I have ZERO hateful thoughts. Why is it that I really love who I am on the inside. How did I suddenly reach this point in my life where I know who I am and what I am about?

It hasn't been easy making this move. Don't get me wrong, I have had some bad, depressive days, you could even say a meltdown, doubting if I made the right decision (never about Francisco, more to do with my job).

So, I asked myself 2 questions : "What is it that I want to achieve" and "how do I want to better myself".
I realised that I do want more in my life than shopping and stimulation from others. I want to be able to spend time with myself and enjoy it. I don't want  to be bored when I'm by myself. I want to come back from this country experience with a love for things other than my boyfriend or my belongings. I honestly wondered if I was a shallow person. I know that I am not. I have a big heart, and I will help anyone. But I realised I wanted a passion and to be good at something other then my job.

My goals this year is to tick off boxes, so to speak. I'm compiling a list. It's still a work in progress, but I will be posting "The List"soon. I'm going to really start looking further into this world, and learn more, eat more, see more and do more.

I guess I can tick off one box already..... I've always wanted to start a blog!

xo Annie