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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Changing lives, changing faces - through makeup

We are all guilty of it.
Sighing over, obsessing over and admiring the latest pictures of our favourite celebrities flawless, beautiful make-up they are wearing at the many glamorous events they attend. I do it all the time - but one thing I keep in the back of my mind is that behind every beautiful make-up job, is a fantastic, talented make-up artist.
I have two MUA's (make-up artists) that I admire deeply, two people that I truly believe started doing makeup to show that everyone and anyone can enhance their outside reflections to help their inner beauty shine through with confidence.
My idol - Kandee Johnson - the prettiest, sweetest person who I would love to meet one day.

I started watching her YouTube tutorials about 18 months ago and was so impressed with the tips and tricks she shared to the world. From my understanding, she is an MUA for a number of the stars and has worked on film sets etc and has quite a reputation in Hollywood for her abilities. Not only is she wonderful with her tutorials, she appears to be a very passionate and caring person and very open and honest. You can't help but like her. I hope one day she brings out a book of all the amazing looks she has created with her skills as an MUA - until then, it is all available on her blog and her YouTube channel. If you are a fan of makeup and the crazy and wonderful things one can do, you must check her out. Here are a few of my favourite creations - they are amazing! What talent!
How amazing is this! MJ!

Betty Boop

Princess Jasmine

Snow White
Kevyn Aucoin
Kevyn was a very in demand MUA throughout the 80's, 90's and early 00's, until he passed away in 2002. From just reading his books, you can see that he was a man who saw beauty in many different forms and encouraged all men and women to embrace their individuality. He wrote a few books, with tutorials and showcases of his work. He did some amazing transformations.
Kevyn Aucoin
I really recommend these books
What I love about his books is that he encourages women NOT to follow trends - just to wear what you love and what suits you. He also says that you don't need to rush out and get every apparent 'must have' product, just a few of the basics and you can work wonders. This is one of my favourite passages from his book 'Face Forward'..

"The next time you come 'face to face' with yourself in the mirror, try to step back mentally and see the person, and her needs, reflected as a whole- not as separate parts...If you concentrate to hard, or are consumed with microscopic details, instead of the essence of the look, you end up losing the big picture - you."

I got the impression he just wanted women to see themselves as unique, and that being unique is beautiful. Not only that, he can show you that makeup can be art. Here are some of his transformations - absolute works of art..amazing!

Calista Flockhart as Audrey Hepburn and Gwenyth Paltrow as James Dean - WOW
Lisa Maree Presley as Marilyn Monroe
"I'm not saying that putting on makeup will change the world or even your life, but it can be a first step in learning things about yourself you may never have discovered otherwise." - Kevyn Aucoin.

See, wearing makeup isn't about being vain - it's about having fun and feeling confident. I can honestly say that Kandee Johnson helped me to see that just a bit of makeup in the right places can really help your personality shine through from that extra bit of confidence you gain from feeling pretty and nice.

Annie xoxox

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Follow me on Pinterest!

I am loving this site - why didn't I do this earlier?
Here are a few of my fave pics I've 'pinned' today!

I have always wanted a bike EXACTLY like this! (Franco - please take note!)

If you like what you see, then come along and follow me! (I'm such a poet haha)

Annie xoxox

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Absolutely Aztec


A member of the American Indian people dominant in Mexico before the Spanish conquest of the 16th century.
Of, relating to, or denoting this people or their language
Hoo-rah! A style that both Franco and I can agree on. Whether it's the clothes you wear, or the decor of your home - aztec is a fun, bright and welcoming style. I love the jagged stripes, the bolds and brights and the warmth the colours bring into a home. You could use this theme for a wedding or for a party. The options are endless. I've had a lot of fun scouring some wonderful sites for some beautiful ways to go aztec.
I love the bright patterns on the crisp white 

This would look fantastic on one wall- make a statement!

pastel aztec

What a fun dinner party!

I am loving turquoise right now - possibly this could be DIY?
I've sourced a few items of clothing too...
And here is what I found on for the home...

I guess the sky is the limit with this style - you could go for a bright metallic, or a rustic red, or pretty pastels...
Click here for a beautiful tumblr site you could spend hours on....

What do you guys think? Love or hate Aztec?

Love Aztec Annie xoxoxo

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blingle all the way

One trend I am absolutely loving is bangles, bracelets - and lots of them! Bright, chunky, metallic - mix them all together and this is what we get....

Coach bangles on Queen St..stunning..I sneakily took this photo

Yes, this is me... I wish - $13.60 $15.30 $112.20
Check out the Marc Jacobs website...unfortunately they do not ship internationally..but so many beautiful, bright funky pieces to look at!

Photos sourced from here (

Annie xoxox

Monday, May 28, 2012

What's in your dream jar?

Have you guys got a little 'mental dream jar'?

I find myself constantly adding to it events, aspirations, ideas or objects.. Generally, I write them on my blog or diary, but another idea would be writing them down on a little piece of paper and popping them into a real dream jar! Or you could put them on a cork board like this...

Would it be easier to achieve and create if we can see it in front of us?
This is what's dancing through my mind right now...

My trip to Paris in September..indulging in delicious pastries ....

and roaming the streets and admiring the views...

My best friends Easter! The excitement, the tears of joy..
Becoming a professional's always been a dream of mine..and when I finish my time in the country, I am going to make it come true!
DIY baskets - as simple as spray painting an old basket to bring it back to life!
I want this turquoise light - so pretty!

What is in your 'dream jar'?

Love, Annie xoxox

Photos sources from Google and 'This is Glamorous' blog. Click here to spend hours relaxing and dreaming from this beautiful site.

Online "looking"

Something that really calms me down is to browse at all my favourite online shops...I guess you could call it the new 'window shopping'. It's great, you can lie in bed or on the couch, sigh over wonderful clothes and accessories without a pushy sales person encouraging you to "try it on" or "I'll pop it into a dressing room for you". I'm not bagging out all the shop ladies, I too once was in retail and am guilty of the above quotes and as good as online shopping is these days, it never will beat a day out with your girlfriends in the city.

Occasionally I add all these items into my online cart, then at the last minute I click out of the shop. Totally guilt free as you don't get any retail assistants hopes up and upset them when you suddenly change your mind.
I often catch my boyfriend nervously watching me as I browse my favourite online stores..I'm like, "It's ok honey, I'm just looking at ideas for my next blog" (about 50% of the time I am lying when I say this - I often casually go into the next room to complete my purchase).

You are probably all thinking I am an addict to the internet shopping phenomenon - I am not. And no I am not in denial. I am a reformed addict. About 2 years ago, I couldn't get through a pay packet without making at least one purchase online (mainly from And about 50% of the time I was always bitterly disappointed with the product/s when I received them. So I made a deal with myself and I quit. I quit for well over 18 months or more ( this did not include buying makeup from strawberrynet however, as they stock my makeup at 50% cheaper then in stores). I'm still yet to make a purchase from asos since then, but I still like to check them out on the odd occasion.
Now that I am out in the sticks, pretty much everything I need has to be bought online..skincare, makeup, bras, undies, clothes). Everything. And now, I only buy the essentials (not things I purely desire).
So here is a list of my favourite online spots for shopping and browsing: (click here for the cheapest cosmetics, skincare, haircare etc and free postage!) (if you know your size in their bras, then they have great, inexpensive pretty bras you can rely on. The bikinis are also beautiful and a lot cheaper then surf shop ones) (click here to see pretty clothes - I don't buy from here often, but so nice to browse through) (Books are so much cheaper on here then in the stores) (click here for a great browse - have only made a few purchases online here. I think it's best to go into the shop to try the clothes on, their model makes anything look good which may not look good on you) (ensure the seller is trustworthy!) (good to browse through)

You can find some pretty amazing things online that you wouldn't in your local shopping spot. But beware as it's so easy to get carried away - if you are unsure, then don't buy it! Just look..

Annie xo

Monday, May 21, 2012

My Favourite Things

1. My gorgeous boyfriend definately (and will always) get the number 1 spot! He makes me feel safe, beautiful and loved and he is my best friend. I won't get all mushy on you all, but he really is the love of my life. Te amo Francisco!

2. Moccasins - if I could marry a shoe...
These babies are by far the most comfortable shoes to ever exist! I bought them in Brisbane for our trip to Sydney, and they made the trip so much more enjoyable because I wasn't in pain from shoes! (I find when travelling, my poor feet always suffer so much!) They are so soft and comfortable (just like slippers), and they look great with so many outfits! I'm in love! Gone are the days of heels...
I got these babies from Country Road - worth every pennie!

I'm on the search for these Minnetonka Moccasin boots! I don't know if they stock them in Aus..fingers crossed they're in Europe when I go in September!
I love these ones from 'This is Glamorous' blog

3. Wraps/ponchos
Sportsgirl (of course)
A must have for winter! So stylish, so comfortable, great with tights, jeans, leather, jumpers - EVERYTHING! Only $59.95 at Sportsgirl. You can also wear it as a scarf...but I like it as a soft, flowing wrap.

4. Leather look
I don't know about anyone else, but I am digging leather look right now (and real leather, of course) I myself have invested in leather jackets in the past, and they are timeless and look great with everything. For other clothing items, I am happy with the faux version. I know I am repeating myself, but go to Sportsgirl! I think we have all established how much I love that shop. Who doesn't though?
Sportsgirl - these are so comfy! - I have one like this from (I'm saying it again!) Sportsgirl

5. The chain earring - handmade
I just think these are way funky! Could also be border-line tacky (if worn with lots of other earrings) so I think the key to wear these is to keep it simple, and have it as your only earring on the ear. I myself have lots of piercings in my ear - so I would definitely have to take them all out for this look to be effective. Click here to check out the shop!

That's it from me for the day...I've just finished nightshift so sweet dreams to me..

Love Annie xox