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Monday, May 28, 2012

Online "looking"

Something that really calms me down is to browse at all my favourite online shops...I guess you could call it the new 'window shopping'. It's great, you can lie in bed or on the couch, sigh over wonderful clothes and accessories without a pushy sales person encouraging you to "try it on" or "I'll pop it into a dressing room for you". I'm not bagging out all the shop ladies, I too once was in retail and am guilty of the above quotes and as good as online shopping is these days, it never will beat a day out with your girlfriends in the city.

Occasionally I add all these items into my online cart, then at the last minute I click out of the shop. Totally guilt free as you don't get any retail assistants hopes up and upset them when you suddenly change your mind.
I often catch my boyfriend nervously watching me as I browse my favourite online stores..I'm like, "It's ok honey, I'm just looking at ideas for my next blog" (about 50% of the time I am lying when I say this - I often casually go into the next room to complete my purchase).

You are probably all thinking I am an addict to the internet shopping phenomenon - I am not. And no I am not in denial. I am a reformed addict. About 2 years ago, I couldn't get through a pay packet without making at least one purchase online (mainly from And about 50% of the time I was always bitterly disappointed with the product/s when I received them. So I made a deal with myself and I quit. I quit for well over 18 months or more ( this did not include buying makeup from strawberrynet however, as they stock my makeup at 50% cheaper then in stores). I'm still yet to make a purchase from asos since then, but I still like to check them out on the odd occasion.
Now that I am out in the sticks, pretty much everything I need has to be bought online..skincare, makeup, bras, undies, clothes). Everything. And now, I only buy the essentials (not things I purely desire).
So here is a list of my favourite online spots for shopping and browsing: (click here for the cheapest cosmetics, skincare, haircare etc and free postage!) (if you know your size in their bras, then they have great, inexpensive pretty bras you can rely on. The bikinis are also beautiful and a lot cheaper then surf shop ones) (click here to see pretty clothes - I don't buy from here often, but so nice to browse through) (Books are so much cheaper on here then in the stores) (click here for a great browse - have only made a few purchases online here. I think it's best to go into the shop to try the clothes on, their model makes anything look good which may not look good on you) (ensure the seller is trustworthy!) (good to browse through)

You can find some pretty amazing things online that you wouldn't in your local shopping spot. But beware as it's so easy to get carried away - if you are unsure, then don't buy it! Just look..

Annie xo

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