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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Absolutely Aztec


A member of the American Indian people dominant in Mexico before the Spanish conquest of the 16th century.
Of, relating to, or denoting this people or their language
Hoo-rah! A style that both Franco and I can agree on. Whether it's the clothes you wear, or the decor of your home - aztec is a fun, bright and welcoming style. I love the jagged stripes, the bolds and brights and the warmth the colours bring into a home. You could use this theme for a wedding or for a party. The options are endless. I've had a lot of fun scouring some wonderful sites for some beautiful ways to go aztec.
I love the bright patterns on the crisp white 

This would look fantastic on one wall- make a statement!

pastel aztec

What a fun dinner party!

I am loving turquoise right now - possibly this could be DIY?
I've sourced a few items of clothing too...
And here is what I found on for the home...

I guess the sky is the limit with this style - you could go for a bright metallic, or a rustic red, or pretty pastels...
Click here for a beautiful tumblr site you could spend hours on....

What do you guys think? Love or hate Aztec?

Love Aztec Annie xoxoxo

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