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Thursday, May 17, 2012

City Slickers - Part 3

Apart from shopping and sight seeing, the next most important part of a holiday is food and drinking, of course. I think I have gained about 2 kgs from my week away - but it was so worth it! After being starved of options out here in the country, I was ready to eat, eat, eat!

Probably the most memorable part of the trip involved the world famous "Tetsuya" restaurant. Anything I say about it will never do it justice. This ten course degustation menu was insane-out-of-this-world amazing! A part of me wishes I took a photo of each dish, but then again, my tastebuds will serve better for my memory then any photo. The service was immaculate, the food, the wine (!) I can't even begin to describe. All I know is that if you ever want a food experience of a lifetime, then save your dollars (really, save your dollars) and experience it for yourself. Incredible!

We also discovered the best burritos in town! I am a huge mexican fan - all throughout America we were on the search for authentic Mexican - and the burritos at Guzman Y Gomez were the best I have tried in Australia. Delicious! As soon  as Franco and I got home, we tried to recreate them and I must say Franco, you did a fantastic job!

As for bars - we went to the 'Lowenbrau' at The Rocks - I sampled a delicious mango beer - yum! That was a very cool place - all staff were dressed in German attire. Loved it!
My awesome mango beer - and Franco's 'little' beer. He was jealous!
The Opera Bar at the Opera House - also very popular. Great views of the Harbour, but so so busy! It's quite a hip place to be but very difficult to get a seat anywhere, especially on a Friday/Saturday night. Worth a look however!

We also went to a few bars in Newtown, and spent alot of time in the Intercontinental hotel bar, naturally!

Other things we did in Sydney: Visited Taronga Zoo. I actually was this close to smuggling this little fella into my handbag....
He is saying "Pick me! Pick me! Put me in your handbag!"
Manly Ferry - it is such a lovely ferry ride and you can perve on all the rich houses along the Harbour!
Some lucky sailors I snapped while we were riding the ferry
We roamed the Botanical Gardens, and went to the Art Gallery to see the Archibald Prize exhibition. Relaxed at coffee shops, drinking delicious coffee and the odd Bloody Mary in the morning to perk us up! Caught up with dear friends and family and drank too much red wine...

It was such a lovely week away. We are so quick to dream of going overseas - but here is a stunning city right in Australia, with so much to do, so much to offer, so much to eat and see.
Love Annie xoxoxox

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