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Monday, April 9, 2012

Beautiful brights

I love browsing for inspiration...

It's a wonderful online world of crafts, home wares, vintage jewellery, original designs, art, blogs...I could go on and on. I find it relaxing and inspiring. I will give anything ago... I've always been the type of person to see something and then think "I could do that myself". It doesn't always turn out, but it's quite fun creating something and putting your own spin on it.

Here are some beautiful creations from BeautiSHE ( It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside browsing through her shop. I want to do it too!

These cute butterflies are from ThePrettyPaperShop on I want to arrange them in a white photo frame - 3D butterflies!

I'll show you my own little creation I made yesterday...It took me forever...I had to paint the frame white (I could only find jet black frames out here) and the crepe paper flower took forever! But it was a bit of fun...
I would like to make 3 more of these...then hang them on my wall...And I think all up it only cost me about $1.20 for the crepe paper, $5 for the frame, $2 for the paint and $1 for the yellow paper behind the flower...and I've still got oodles left to make more!

Love Annie xoxox

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